What is Dibbz?
Dibbz is a video gaming community, where locals from the New Orleans area meet to play and talk about video games. If you love video games then Dibbz is a great place to meet new people with a common interest.
  • LAN Gaming Center: We have 32 high performance computers /w 24 inch wide screen 120Hz HD gaming monitors and all of the latest and most popular games.




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Hours Of Operation

 Everyday: 11am - 3am

Hourly Rates

 1 hour: $5.00
 3 hours: $10.00
 5 hour: $15.00
 10 hours: $25.00
 15 hour: $30.00
 60 hour: $100.00
 Day Pass (11am-3am):
 Morning Pass (11am-4pm):
 Night Pass (10pm-3am):